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Welcome Address from the Colombian Government

Colombia has announced a pact with 8 other countries for the region to achieve 70% renewable energy use by 2030 (312GW), an ambitious target which more than doubles that of the EU. But what makes Colombia’s appetite for renewable energy (and storage) an excellent opportunity for local and international players? This session will highlight:

  • Colombia’s plans to incentivise renewable energy deployment and the upcoming storage auctions in the country
  • What can we expect from the tenders for 50MW of storage in the country’s first large-scale storage facility?
  • How will Colombia guarantee the long-term financial viability of energy storage and attract private sector financiers?


Keynote Panel: What Action is Needed from Regional Governments to Facilitate the Deployment of Projects?

This session will set the scene across the region, discussing the role of regional governments and how they are leading the charge for the transition in Latin America.

What is the appetite for energy storage in the region? We discuss the short to long-term predictions with high-level government authorities, the energy policies driving storage in Latin America and the status of auctions for energy projects in the region.

Join this session to find out more on the challenges of a nascent market which holds the key to a flexible power system.

Speakers include:

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Renewable Hour

Dynamic renewable energy markets currently make up for almost a quarter of primary energy generation across the region, making Latin America ripe for the picking. Climate change means an inevitable shift from widespread reliance on hydropower to other renewable sources, and a renewable boom. But what are the real market needs to hit the 2030 target?

  • Can grids in Latin America accommodate a renewable boom and how can storage help?
  • How does storage fit into the current landscape of large projects?
  • What challenges do developers encounter on a day-to-day basis?

Speakers include:

FENOGE Presentation

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