Carlos Cabrera Speaker at

Carlos Cabrera

Socio Director Sphera Energy

Currently, Mr. Cabrera is Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Sphera Energy company which has been during more than 9 years promoting and developing “Solar + Storage” projects (Utility Scale and DERs, knows in Chile as PMGD). Sphera Energy has a PMGD project portfolio above 200 MWp in different stages (COD, Pre-RTB, and Construction, all of the owned by several third-party investor). Currently, Sphera Energy has a Utility Scale portfolio up to 2 GW under development in brownfield stages. On other hand, Mr. Cabrera has been leading the Chilean Solar Association (ACESOL) since 2018 starting as a Board Counselor then Board Member and finally from July 2020 until July 2022 as a President. Recently, Mr. Cabrera was reelected as Board Member and Past President.

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