Randall Stacy

Managing Director
Li-Ion Tamer
Randall Stacy is the CCO & Managing Partner of Nexceris, the parent company of The Li-ion Tamer Group (LTG). Mr. Stacy has lead a global effort to increase awareness around energy storage safety. Highlighting the value of off-gas detection as the best way to prevent thermal runaway. LTG started development of a safety solution for energy storage eleven years ago with the US Navy. Specializing in research and development for the DOD and DOE over the past twenty five years has led to many award winning innovations, including the Li-Ion Tamer early warning system. Mr. Stacy resides in Northern Kentucky and is a proud graduate of Fairmont State University. Mr. Stacy is currently leading a global initiative to build a platform strategy that is welcoming to all leading technologies in ESS safety. With the sole purpose of advancing the growth of ES by providing safety systems that protect people, brands and investment - while promoting clean energy.
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