Ian McClenny

Energy Specialist
RTI International
Ian McClenny
Ian McClenny is an Energy Specialist specializing in distributed energy resources and power system planning strategies. A published research scientist in the field of electrochemical energy storage, he has extensive experience working with multi-national battery firms developing market-ready solutions for both electric utilities and commercial end users. He brings seven years of experience working directly with new energy economy stakeholders implementing high-impact business solutions across the electricity and energy storage value chain. At RTI, Mr. McClenny conducts energy sector analyses spanning techno-economic, commercial, regulatory and policy aspects of energy system advancement and deployment. Additionally, he contributes to on-grid and off-grid renewable energy project development, electric utility operations improvement, energy sector planning, demand-side management, electricity and gas market design, among other sector-specific tasks that enhance the positive impact of electricity in emerging markets. Ian holds a M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science from Virginia Commonwealth University where he conducted research on lithium ion batteries.
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