23-25 June 2020 | Your Computer

Claudia Becerril

Business Development Manager - Energy Storage & Optimisation
Claudia Becerril

Claudia Becerril is an energy professional with more than six years of experience in the industry, where she started as an economics and energy consultant in the infrastructure sector. Since joining Wärstilä Energy in 2018, she has worked with multidisciplinary teams to advance energy storage projects globally and, most recently, focuses on work in the Caribbean and Latin America. As part of her current role as Business Development Manager, Claudia forms partnerships to advance and optimize hybrid energy systems—systems that include multiple sources of energy paired with battery energy storage—with the lowest levelized cost of energy. Previously, Claudia worked as a renewable energy financial advisor in France and Germany, prior to joining Vestas North America, the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturer. Claudia graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico and holds a Master of Finance and Strategy from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, France.