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You can register by visiting our ticket page this also provides all relevant information and pricing.

Please visit our ticket page for all relevant information and pricing.

Yes! By purchasing a ticket will give you access to our new MeetMe Zone. This area allows you to search through the full attendee list and select and schedule who you want to meet with. Once you have set up your profile, you can search/browse company/delegate listings. Request one-to-one meetings with other delegates, send them private messages that just the two of you can read. Please note both sides need to accept the meeting for it to go ahead.

Once you have purchased and paid for a ticket, you can set up your full profile in the MeetMe Zone – networking area. Next, you can search through the company/delegate list and select who you want to schedule a one-to-one meeting with. By requesting a one-to-one meeting with another delegate, you can choose a specific day and time, plus send them a message introducing yourself and why you would like to meet. Please note both sides need to accept the meeting for it to go ahead.

No, each webinar will be separate to allow everyone to gain maximum learnings through new content, with live panels, Q&As and panels included. Please view the latest agenda for more information.

You will receive an email reminder with your unique link prior to each session starting.

When the link is clicked, you will be taken to the ‘stage’ ready for the webinar to start.

Access won’t be granted to each webinar until the start time so you won’t miss out on any content.

These links can’t be shared as others won’t have the relevant credentials in our system.

All sessions will be recorded and placed in our on-demand section at the earliest time possible. Anyone with a purchased ticket, will be able to access this area.

That is great to hear! If you would like to speak please contact Lucy Jacobson-Durham.

If you would like to sponsor please contact Carmen Madrid and Dan White.

Not a problem, please email Rachel Morrissey with your questions and she will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.